My journey in Human Resources was not the traditional path. Pursuing my passion to help people with completing a Bachelor’s in Psychology, I soon become plagued with a question most graduates face: What do I do with this degree? While deciding how to connect my education with a career, I gained valuable experience working with various Clients. To further equip myself in the job market I obtained a Master’s in Business Management. Now at a cross roads in my career and faced with the decision to accept a new opportunity unrelated to HR or pursue a HR career. It’s those personal experiences along with becoming an Integrative Wellness Life Coach as well as my combining my education and professional experiences that helped me become the Career Coach I am today.  My professional background includes; career coaching, training, talent acquisition and sourcing. 

At the end of the day it’s all about how prepared and confident you are at the interview.  Before you can begin your career you must get the interview, and in order to get the interview your resume has to be recognized.  With understanding that most of the time job seekers spend within their search is applying for the job and not actually preparing for the interview I set out to create a tool.  It was on a flight out of town that I got the idea and begin to work on outlining how I could bring this idea to life.  By the time I returned from the trip I had meetings setup and was ready to move full steam ahead.  So as a personal project with using personal, professional and my education I created the “getthejob” app as a tool specifically created for job seekers. My passion is helping people live their best life rather it’s with friends, family or volunteer activities. An the best way to do that, is with my own personal quote “Make Life Matter” and never settle, and stay encouraged because finding the right job is a process that sometimes takes longer than we like!

- Tiffany Gibson, MSM, Certified Integrative Life Coach


Why did I create the Get the Job app as a mobile game? The reason is simple.  People, particularly job seekers, don't have time to read entire books or long articles on the interview process.  They want fast, concise answers to all their questions.  This app was built to do just that and the website was created to provide a little more for the jobseeker that's looking for more 1-on-1 support.