Tips on how to stay motivated after a job rejection

Dealing with rejection can be difficult for a job seeker. The best way to deal with rejection is not to take it personally. Being rejected for a job does not define you or your worth. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't feel disappointed about the rejection, but rather give yourself time to process. It's about how you interpret what that rejection means. The No you get may very well be a blessing in disguise. The right opportunity will come at the right time, and I know it's easier said than done when you're the person that's looking for a new job. 

The job search process will vary for each person, so it's essential to take time throughout the process to celebrate the small wins by getting a phone interview or onsite interview. It's also important to plan time to do things that you enjoy to help with dealing with the rejection that will come. So that could be watching a movie, spending time with family, going for a run, or just doing something fun! Below I've listed some tips to help with having a successful jobsearch.

  1. Set up job alerts - This will help save you time by getting daily emails list of jobs that match the criteria you select.

  2. Tell your network - Your network can be a great resource that can help with connecting you to opportunities.

  3. Do your research - This will help with creating a list of jobs to target and will also come in handy when you get called in for the interview.

  4. Lastly, prepare and practice! So when you get the call for the interview, you're ready!