What questions should I ask during the interview?

You've finally got the callback, and your interview has now been confirmed. So how do you prepare? Below I will share some interview questions you may want to consider asking. The key is to make sure you ask the right questions so you can make an informed decision.

Don't Make Assumptions

Reading the job description and or review on Glassdoor will not give you all of the answers, but will provide you with insight into the job and environment. Another assumption is to assume if you've been referred to a job by a current employee that you don't have to ask any questions. Don't allow your relationship with that co-worker stop you from doing your due diligence to ensure this is indeed the right opportunity.

What questions to ask...

If you're stuck with what questions to ask, start by thinking about why you're looking to make a change from your current position.

Below I've listed some categories to consider, and the list can grow from there. Some of the questions you may have on your list will be answered during the normal process of the interview.

Interview Guidance

1. Work

- What does a day in the life of this person look like

- Current challenges

- Special Projects

- Team Size

2. Management

- Organization Structure

- Management Style

- How is success measured

3. Work-Life Balance

- Work Schedule (Flexible & remote work)

4. Career Growth

- Training & Development

- Career Plan

What's one question you wished you would have asked before accepting the position?