I think I accepted the wrong job offer...

What to do when you think you said yes to the wrong offer? The excitement has now worn off, and the reality is setting in on the decision you've made to accept a new offer. I've heard this story all too often, and it doesn't necessarily mean that you didn't ask enough questions during the interview or that you didn't do your research. How many of you can say you've accepted a job and once you started you quickly realized this is not what you thought it was going to be?

So the question is what do you do? How much time do you give the job before deciding to look for a new job? Before you sprint to update your resume and look for a new job let me give you a few things to consider.

Can you make it 90 days?

In a perfect situation, I would say give it 90days before you begin to look for another opportunity. However, this may not always be the case. I can remember one of my first jobs out of college, I worked for two weeks and then gave my notice. Yes, only two weeks as I realized this was not the job for me as the work environment and work was not what I expected. My recommendation is to give it at least 90days if possible because a lot can change within that timeframe. For example, you can speak with your manager and or HR to see if there are different opportunities for you to move into a new role. Or you can begin to recommend suggestions that may make your job more enjoyable.

Giving a 2-week notice...

At the end of the day be a professional. If for your overall health and sanity you can no longer give a full 2-week notice, remember you're still a professional. So if you have to leave before two weeks, then leave everything in order and leave notes on things that you will not be able to finish for a clean handover for the person who will be taking over your work. It's a small world after all, so before you think of being unprofessional remember your employee brand and what you'd like for that brand to be.

Should you wait until you've found a new job? Yes, in a perfect world it's easier to find a job when you already have a job. However, when you're ready to leave your current job that you hate you're more likely to accept any position which may put you in another bad situation. If you find yourself needing to quit your job, my recommendation would be to update your resume, inform your network and consider registering with an agency and working with a headhunter or career coach. These steps will help you with your job search with hopefully reducing the amount of time between finding a new job.

So here's the recap...

- Give it at least 90days if possible (keywords being "If Possible")

- Leave your work in order with notes...

- Act professional no matter what (Remember it's a small world.. what will your employee brand be?)

- Give a 2-weeks notice

- Start your job search

  • update your resume

  • inform your network

  • consider working with headhunter, agency or career coach