3 Reasons Why you Should NOT Ghost your Next Interview

So you’ve applied to the job, and you’re excited. The interview is scheduled, you’ve done your homework, and you’re ready to go and present your best self. All is well in the world, and then you get the call from the company you really want to work for, so what do you do? 

You may find yourself in this situation if you’re actively looking for a new job and have submitted several resumes. Have you ever submitted so many resumes that when you start getting callbacks, you’re wondering when did I apply there? Well, it can happen, so make sure you keep track of your applications.

Different organizations will have different recruiting processes, and some may be quicker and or longer than others. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve got an interview scheduled and things change where you no longer want to attend the interview, it’s ok. The professional thing to do in that situation is to contact the recruiter and or hiring manager to let them know you’re withdrawing your application and canceling the interview. What you shouldn’t do is ghost the interview. 

3 Reason Not to Ghost Your Interview

  1. You’re a professional - and you never know how the decisions you make today can affect your tomorrow.

  2. It’s a small world – the hiring manager you ghost today could become your new boss in the future.

  3. It’s ok to decline an interview – remember it’s not personal it is business! 

Your brand is everything, and it’s how people see you and know what to expect from you as a professional. So you don’t need to feel bad about wanting to cancel an interview for a better opportunity. In short, you don’t have to ghost a simple call or email will suffice.