Career Plan: Is it time for a fresh start?

The beginning of the year is an excellent time for a fresh start. However, any day you decide to make a change is a good day to start! So if you’re thinking it’s not the 1st of the year and you’ve missed your chance, no worries you can start today!

When you think about last year and what you were able to accomplish, what do you feel you could have done differently? For me, I can honestly make a long list of things I could have done differently. However, new year new opportunities! So let’s use that information to create a new action plan for your career for this year!

Before you create a new plan for 2019, let’s look at how we can learn from last year to map out the plan for this year.

2018 Evaluation Checklist

- What were you able to accomplish in 2018?

- What did you want to achieve in 2018 that you didn’t?

o What can you do differently this year to achieve that goal?

- Did you have an accountability partner?

o Was your accountability helpful with holding you responsible for accomplishing your goals?

(If you accountable partner was not available or present you might want to consider getting a new accountability partner for this year)

Once you honestly answer the above questions you can now work on a new plan for this year. Lastly, remember it’s better to break your steps down into smaller steps.

For a recap of how to create a career plan to click here.

Let me know what’s one goal you will work on for this year.