Tips for managing your Job Search

So you’ve decided it’s time to look for a new job…So how do you manage the job search process? In the job search process, you may feel incredibly overwhelmed with the number of applications you may be submitting on top of the waiting, which is usually followed by more waiting. So I’m going to share with you some tips that will help you with managing the process that will help with eliminating some of the stress with the entire process.

1. Application Tracker

Have you ever got a phone call from a recruiter who was talking about your application for a job you don’t remember? If so this is the moment you wish you would have kept an application tracker of all of the positions.

So the first tip is to create an application tracker spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will help you keep track of all the jobs you’re applying to, and you can keep notes about the company and or position to use as a quick reference. The tracker will help you keep track of the jobs that you’re still being considered for, and you can also use this as a tool to help you know when to follow-up on each job application.

2. Set a scheduled day or time to apply

If you work full-time or part-time or have other responsibilities that require your time and attention, it can be challenging to find time to apply for a job. The key to any successful job search is to have a plan and with the plan have a set day or time to submit applications. If you currently work, my recommendation is to set aside at least 1-2 days each week and maybe 1-2hrs to apply for jobs, follow-up on jobs and update your spreadsheet. If you are not working at this time, you can increase the time you apply and how often you check your status to maybe 3days out of the week and 3-4hrs. As a time saver, you can also set up job alerts for different job boards so you can receive weekly and or daily emails with new jobs that match the criteria you select.

3. New job checklist

Depending on the reason you’re in the job market for a new job, it may cause you to consider employment that maybe you wouldn’t consider if you had more time. However, I still recommend having a checklist to help guide the jobs you should and should not apply to. The list should contain the must have’s such as maybe the culture, type of work, salary and or shift preferences. So it would be best if you had your must haves and nice to have items on the list. The checklist should help you with managing your time when evaluating what jobs for submitting your application.

These 3 tips will help you with staying on top of your job search process by staying organized and having a plan of action.

Let me know if you’re currently using any of these tips or which tip you will add to your job search process!