3 Tips to Help Overcome Fears Holding You Back in Your Career!

It’s so easy to have a dream about what you may want your life to be, yet it can be so hard to take steps toward making that dream a reality.  Why is that? Can you think of a few things you wanted to do and in the same thought talked yourself out of it?

So maybe it’s a new job that has been posted with your current employer, and you know that you can do the job, but can think of a million reasons to talk yourself out of applying.  So do you apply or not?  Or maybe it’s not a new job, perhaps it's something else.  So let’s do an exercise.  I want you to write down one goal that you’d like to accomplish right now that you’ve been talking yourself out of.  Then I want you to write down all of the reasons why it would work along with what you will need to do to make it work. 

Tip #1 Focus on the Positive… The same energy it takes to be negative can be used to focus on the positive and will produce a better result like joy and peace! So when you catch yourself doing negative self- talk STOP… and focus on the good!

Are you surrounded by haters?? Haters meaning people who don’t believe in the goal or vision?  So the saying the haters are my motivators may be true.  However, who wants to be around negative people constantly?  Let’s be honest it’s an energy drainer.

Tip #2 Everyone one can’t go with you to the next level…who’s in your circle… There’s are some journeys in life where everyone can’t go with you.  Yes, this may be difficult to hear, but the reality is that everyone can’t handle you and your goals and visions. So think before you share your goals.

With any goal, to be successful, you have to create a plan of action.

Tip #3 outline the steps that you would need to take and give yourself deadlines to complete each task.  This will help to make sure a spirit of procrastination doesn’t set in. In addition to creating a plan of action consider getting an Accountability partner to help hold you accountable as this will help keep you honest with completing your goal!

So try out these 3 tips and let me know how things go with completing your goal!  Also, if you need some help with creating a plan of action for your career see link below and let’s talk about it.

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