Tips on how to look for a new job when you work Full Time...

Do you want to change careers but you just can’t find the time? I know the challenge of working full-time and wanting to look for a new job.  It can almost seem impossible when you’re trying to juggle the responsibilities of work and family on top of looking for a new job.

So below I’ve listed some tips to help with your job search and time management.

1. Register for Job Alerts

Do you know the company or type of job you want to have?  Then save time by registering with job boards so you can receive an alert by text or email when a new job that matches the requirements you’ve listed comes available! You can schedule to receive emails daily or weekly so you can decide based on your schedule how often you’d like to receive the alerts.

Since there are several job boards you can choose from, maybe start off with registering with 1 or 2.  This way it won’t seem overwhelming with receiving a ton of alerts each day or week.

2. Set aside a day and time that will be dedicated to applying to jobs

Pick a day that works best for your schedule!  So if you’re a morning person or a night owl, pick times that will work for you.  I recommend setting aside at least 1-2hrs for reviewing job alerts and submitting your application.  Also, note that it may not always take 1-2hrs but to have this time scheduled will help with managing your day. 

3. Only apply to jobs you want…

Looking for a job can be stressful so why apply for a job you really don’t want?  Save yourself time by only applying to jobs you want.

Depending on your situation you may not have the time needed to look or wait for the right job to come available and as a result may feel pressure to apply to jobs, you don’t want.  So consider registering with a staffing agency or headhunter that way you will have additional help with your job search! 

4. Scheduling Interviews

The hardest part of looking for a job when working full-time is finding time to attend the interview.  When it comes to attending the interview, it’s ok to let the recruiter know you work full time and ask to see if they can be flexible with your interview day or time.  If you have vacation days available you may want to consider using a vacation day and or see if you can maybe use a half day to complete the interview.  Also; remember you don’t have to explain why you’re taking a half day or personal day off work!

Also; using your lunch hour may also be an option if you need to complete a phone interview.  If you’re completing a phone interview on your lunch break make sure you find a quiet place to complete that has a good cell phone reception!

Hopefully, you will find these tips help with your job search!  Check out other blogs for tips on making sure you have the right resume for the job! 

Also; let me know if you have any questions or if there are other topics you’d like for me to discuss…