When to start your job search? (When facing a layoff)

The word that every professional dreads… Layoffs...  Just the hint or mention of layoffs is to enough to send anyone into panic mode. I know how stressful facing a lay-off, or a transition with work can be, especially when you don’t get to decide your fate.  

The worst part of facing a lay-off is the waiting period. Waiting isn’t fun and can be very stressful so see some tips and tools for your job search as well as managing your stress.


 Update Your Resume

The first thing to do is to update your resume. It’s time to update your resume with what you’ve accomplished and highlight your experience! Check out a blog I wrote on “How to customize your resume with the Do’s and Don’ts”. This blog will help you with what steps you may need to take to get your resume ready for the job market.  Or if you’d like a little help click here to book your appointment for this month and get a FREE 30min Consult - Resume Audit.

Once you’ve updated your resume, it’s time to update your LinkedIn profile and add your resume to other job boards.

 Tell Your Network Your Open to new Opportunities!

Networking is key! I’m sure some are tired of me saying this but don’t underestimate the power of networking!  You never know who may have a job opportunity that you’re looking for, so spread the word.  So not sure who to network with?  If you’re not sure where to start networking, start with close friends and family and maybe plan to attend a few networking events in your community. An excellent place to check out networking groups is LinkedIn.

Get your finances together.

This is the time to start being more conservative with your spending. So it may also be time to consider which subscriptions are necessary and putting vacations on hold. Remember these changes will be temporary, or you may decide to keep some long-term as the goal is to build your savings account. The recommendation is to have at least 6mos worth of savings that can cover your expenses.  If you don’ have at least 3-6months of expenses in savings, you may want to consider registering with local staffing agencies or accepting temporary work.  Staffing agencies will be able to help you find work pretty quickly, and it may even be in your desired field and or a direct hire position.  Or they will at least find you employment until you’re able to find a job in your desired field.  Accepting part-time work may also be something you may need to consider in the worst case scenario while you search for something full-time.

Now if you know that you are being laid-off, you will want to reach out to your creditors and make arrangements.  Most creditors will have programs for customers who are experiencing financial hardships. With reduced payments, you will be able to save more money and or have more money for your housing, utilities, and food.


I’m sure some are probably thing a silver-lining to your job being in jeopardy….Really?!?!  Yes; there’s a silver lining to your job being in danger.  The silver lining for me when a company I worked for relocated was that I was able to take an audit life and my career and ask myself the hard questions. Do I want to transfer? Or why had I settled. Sometimes you can get so comfortable in a situation where the money is good, and you don’t mind the work that you stop wanting more and then you settle.

I wouldn’t wish for anyone to get laid off, but this may be the very thing that redirects your career and allows for you to go after the job you want and or start that company you haven’t had a chance to create. 

Managing Stress… This is only one chapter in an entire book called your life.

I know it’s easier said than done but if you’re laid-off or fear being laid off I’m not saying it won’t be hard days, or you won’t have moments where you feel stress, but I want to let you know that you will get through this! If you think your job is in jeopardy the key is to start your job search now! As long as you’re applying to jobs and networking something will open!  Now for some, it may be shorter or longer than others depending on the position you’re seeking but keep submitting your resume. 

If you’re currently laid off the goal is to keep a routine with looking and applying to jobs but don’t forget to do things you enjoy.  For example, take a walk and enjoy nature, or take time and meditate or start journaling.  Also, you can check to see what free courses are offered at your local library to learn new skills.  Another option is to volunteer your time with an organization that you support.  Volunteering is also an excellent way to network!

So the takeaway is to don’t panic!  Remember this is only one chapter and something will open-up! Keep a positive attitude. This is only temporary!