The Revolving Door… Where is everyone going and should I be looking for a new job?

What would you do if your team was consistently changing and it wasn’t due to promotions?  I’ve personally experienced this where it seemed like someone was always leaving.  It was  were receiving an email notification about a team meeting you knew more than likely it was an announcement of someone leaving the team.  Being in this type of environment creates a lot of concern within the team and begins to play on employee morale when close colleagues are leaving left and right. 

I wanted to share few things you may want to consider if you find yourself in this situation of being on a team with a revolving door.

The first thing to consider is the fact that everyone’s situation is different so don’t use someone else’s situation to make you determine or decide what you need to do for your career!   Yes; the reality is if you’re in a place and everyone is running towards the door, would you sit there or would you also jump up and run to the door and ask questions later?   Unfortunately, when you have a mortgage and car note you may not have the option to leave.

So tip #1 don’t make any impulse decisions based on someone else leaving without counting the cost

So maybe you don’t want to leave the team as maybe its internal issues that are preventing it from being a great team!  So how can you help out your team? Dionna Appling CEO of BA PRO, Inc. highlights tips for Leaders in her article “5 People Driven Ways to Reduce Turnover.”  She also has an Employee Engagement Planning Packet for Leaders which is a great resource that you can share with your manager.  So I know what you’re thinking but I’m not a manager.  You don’t have to be a manager to bring ideas to the business on things that should be obvious to everyone is a problem.  It’s all in the delivery of the message.  So I’m not saying go to your manager and say you suck read this.  A better approach would be to schedule time to speak with your manager and share your concern an interest in wanting to help the team with maybe creating a special team project. By coming to the meeting prepared you will show the value you bring to the team!

Lastly maybe you just need an exit strategy! Only you can make the decision on how dire the situation actually is.  So first thing first maybe you will need to edit your resume and notify your network that you’re in the market for a new job. However, don’t worry “Get the Job” will provide you with the tools you need to help with finding your new job!

On next blog I will discuss on to create an Exit Strategy…