How to customize your resume using the job posting

The key to making sure you’re submitting the right resume is understanding the job posting. If you’re looking to customize your resume, you will want to look at the job requirements. This is not to say you shouldn’t read the entire description to determine if this would be a job you’re interested in, but a note to pay extra attention to the job requirements. Before you submit a resume to a job opening make sure you’ve read the job requirements and can say with confidence your resume meets them. 

So what are job requirements and why are they important.  Job requirements outline what the minimum, required and preferred skills are that the employer is looking for the job applicant to have. For your application to be considered, you will need to meet the minimum and required job skills in the posting. You don’t have to have the preferred job skills so think of them as nice to have but not required. 

So the first thing you will want to check is if you have the minimum requirements and if so is that outlined on your resume.  Minimum requirements may be X amount of years of experience in a specific field or other job-related skills.  You will want to customize your resume to reflect the experience you have for the role which is why I recommend never applying with a general resume.  When it comes to submitting your resume to a job you should apply with job-specific resumes that highlights your relevant experience. 

The required experience may be a specific degree or could also be X amount of years of experience.  Make sure your resume only includes the experience you have!  For education, if you’re currently pursuing a degree but haven’t completed it yet make sure that’s noted on your resume.

Lastly, preferred requirements are nice to have but not required but if you do have any of the preferred experience make sure you list it on your resume! With customizing your resumes for jobs use the job requirements as a guide to what experience you may want to highlight on your resume if it’s not already stressed.

Do you customize your resume for each job?