Customizing Your Resume Do's & Don'ts

Now that you know how to draft your resume to answer the job posting thought I’d share a few more tips that will help with editing your resume. Let’s go over some Do’s and Don’ts. 


1. Save a copy of your resume as a PDF file.

When you apply to a job with a word document there’s a good chance that the formatting might not transfer over and then the resume that you perfectly drafted now looks like a hot mess. So save yourself the headache by having a word document you save for editing purposes and then save a 2nd copy as PDF that would be used for applying to the job.

2. Highlight professional accomplishments

It’s ok to toot your own horn a little bit so make sure you list your accomplishments.  If you’re planning on highlighting accomplishments that resulted in numerical increases or decreases be sure to list the number as opposed to writing the numbers out.

3. Explain the gaps in your employment history and if jobs were temporary/contract

You don’t have to give specific details but it’s good to provide some information on reasons for gaps.  For example if you’ve worked a lot of temporary positions maybe consider including a note by each role that states it was a contract position. As we all know life happens so there’s no reason to be concerned.  Providing additional information on the gaps will help talent acquisition personnel with having a better understanding of your career journey. Remember you’re in control of what the recruiter and hiring manager read on your resume.


1. Don’t lie on your resume

Honesty is the best policy!  Fake it until you make it doesn’t apply to what you write on your resume.  If you don’t have the experience don’t list it.  Instead think of transferrable skills you may have that you could highlight instead.

2. Don’t write in 3rd person

When you interview would you be speaking about yourself in the 3rd person?  So why would you write your resume in the 3rd person?  A resume in the 3rd person would be acceptable if it’s being submitted by an agency who was sharing your accomplishments.  You’re the best spokesperson to talk about your career and accomplishments in the 1st person.

3. Don’t use more than one font

Keep it simple you don’t want to overdo it. When it comes to formatting you want to keep it clean and simple.

Let me know what challenges you have when it comes to customizing your resume…