Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone

The key to finding the courage you need to leave your comfort zone starts with the desire to want to see change.  When your desire to see change is greater than your fear of remaining in your comfort zone, then and only then will you be willing to make a move.  This is definitely something I at times struggle with and each day strive to do something new that pushes me outside of my comfort zone. There are definitely moments when the fear of doing something new will try to keep you from leaving your comfort zone. So whether it’s looking for a new job or switching industries, I’ve listed a few tips that will help with moving beyond your comfort zone.

Let’s talk to our fears…

One of the main reason why one doesn’t venture out of their comfort zone usually has something to do with fear.  It may be the fear of the unknown or what if. By looking at what’s behind not wanting to venture out of your comfort zone it will provide an opportunity to deal with the real issue. For me it’s the fear of the unknown and will how everything will work out.  Honest moment; my name is Tiffany and I’m a perfectionist.  So I strive to embrace the fact that things may not always be exactly how I’d like for them to be but as opposed to waiting for perfection I’ll be ok with continued progress.

The second step is to get an accountability partner who will hold you accountable for taking the steps to leave your comfort zone.  An accountability partner will serve as your own personal cheerleader who will celebrate the small steps you’ve taken and encourage you to continue to push yourself to see all of the new possibilities. Deciding to venture out from your comfort zone is a process so create an action plan and get an accountability partner.  Also, don’t forgot to celebrate each step that moves you further away from your comfort zone.  If you don’t have an accountability partner then be your own cheerleader and encourage yourself because you can do anything you set out to do!

Lastly, know that you’ve addressed your fears, and have an accountability partner it’s time to take a step.  Do you have a plan of action?  Have you created your career plan?  We’re almost half way through the year so there’s still time to accomplish goals.  It doesn’t have to be a big step but it has to be a step.  Remember forward progress is still progress.  You can do this!  What will you do this week that you’ve been putting off?

Let me know what you will be working on this week?