To relocate or not to relocate for a job?

The summer is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to make a move! You’ve survived the winter months and now you’re presented with an opportunity to relocate to a warm climate.  So the question is do you relocate or not?

The thought of relocating to a warm climate can be very exciting but before you pack your bags and have a going away party let’s look at some things you should consider first. With any new job opportunity and or promotions there are several things to consider.

1. Does the role align with your career goals?

Rule number one, when looking at a new opportunity ask yourself will this role take me down a path that will lead me to my dream job!  This is a good place for me stop and ask do you have a career plan?  We are days away from the 3rd quarter so the time is now!  A new opportunity should take you one step closer to your dream job and or teach you a new skill that will be beneficial in getting you one step closer.

2. Is there relocation? 

If you’re relocating to a dream location then maybe this won’t be as important… but if you’re relocating to a new place that wasn’t on your radar this may be important question.  Your new role may not come with a full relocation so would you be ok with a partial relocation? Also, if this is an internal move you may want to see if your next role will be in that location or if you would have to relocate again?

3. Last but not least… The mighty dollar…

So you’re excited to relocate, you’ve imagined what your new life would be in this beautiful warm climate or cold climate but can you afford to make a move?  Have you look at the cost of living comparison?  Would you be receiving a salary increase that is comparable to your current salary for that location? There are several websites you can search before relocating to determine the amount of pay you would need to receive for a move to make sense for you. So run the numbers calculate your expenses and see what you would need to make a move that you wouldn’t later regret.

These are just a few things to consider before relocating for a new job or internal promotion. So take the time to do your homework and look at the pros and cons before making your next move!

Are you ready to relocate?