Summer Job Search Tips...

I’m from the Midwest so winters can be hard and seem like they last forever.  So I completely understand not wanting to be anywhere near a laptop and or searching for a job.  So I’m sharing a few helpful tips that will help you not lose momentum during the summer, and that will not take up all your time.

So let’ jump right into the tips….

1. Job board Apps - Do you have a favorite job board?

If so is the app downloaded to your phone? Save time by downloading the app and having a copy of your most current resume saved with your login so you can quickly apply to jobs right from your phone.   Also while you’re at it….download my free “getthejob” app it’s free and will help you with refresher questions for the interview process.

2. Setup Job Alerts

Save more time by setting up job alerts, so you get notified when jobs match the criteria you set up for jobs that interest you.   You can set up job alerts with most job boards and or by setting up alerts by going directly to career sites of employers.

3. Don’t go ghost or have people assume you're ghosting them (Ghost – Avoiding someone until they get the picture that you’re no longer interested)

Yes; it’s the summer and vacations may be planned but plan ahead and make sure you have a voicemail and or auto-reply email setup that will notify recruiters on when you plan to return.  You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity because the recruiter thinks you’re no longer interested because you haven’t answered their call and or email.

These 3 tips should help you with your summer job search!  If you decide to take a break from searching in the summer that’s fine as you have to do what works best for you and your career plan.

Do you plan to look for your new job in the summer?