Should you stop your Job search during the holidays?

Yes; the holiday season is right around the corner so should you ease up on your job search?  The answer is no! Many people think it best to wait until the first of the year to begin to look for a new job.  However, there are a lot of companies who use the end of the year to fill positions that they won’t have the budget to fill next year and companies who are hiring in preparation for next year.  There are also many companies who are recruiting for seasonal help and or temporary positions.

In preparation for landing your new job, it’s time to update your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.   For updating your resume highlight the skills and experience relevant to the role you’re applying for.  For example, if there’s a specific skill set the job is seeking, and you have that experience, and it’s not on your resume then you should add that.  Remember with updating your resume you don’t have to list everything, but enough to answer the job description and show you can do the job! Update your LinkedIn profile with recent accomplishments and projects.  To make your LinkedIn profile stand out have former or current supervisors, colleagues or clients write you a recommendation.  You can also use your LinkedIn connections to network with for new opportunities. Planning on attending holiday parties?  This is also an excellent time to share with friends and family about your job search.  You never know who may know of a new opportunity that may be the perfect match for you!  So whether you’re attending a holiday party or volunteering don’t forget the power of networking!

Last but not least set up job alerts for different companies for positions that you may be interested in to help with managing your time searching for new opportunities.  To make the most out of your holiday break plan out the days on which you will search and follow-up on jobs and have days available that you can interview.   So plan, prepare and position yourself to get the job and don’t forget to enjoy the holidays!!