How to Make the Most out of every Networking Opportunity!

Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to network within your job search?  Let’s stop and think about some missed opportunities as this will help with making sure you don’t miss new opportunities.  The key to successful networking is understanding that it’s not a onetime interaction and to avoid having what about me syndrome. Below I’ve listed two tips that will help you with networking!

1. What about me syndrome - It's not all about you...

A lot of times when it comes to looking for a new job the first question I ask someone is who knows you’re looking for a new job.  If you have a network, the key is to share with them about your search as you never know who knows who.  In the book “The One Thing” by Gary Keller he talks about the Domino effect. So for the point, I’m trying to make is that it only takes one domino to make the other’s fall.  A lot of opportunities I’ve had thus far in my career have come from a connection I’ve made who help knock down that domino in my career plan.

2. Networking is not a onetime interaction...

Let’s review the scenario below and let me know which person you would be more likely to help.

Someone from your network calls you for a favor, would you be more willing to help person A or B?

A. You've met this person one time at an event, and that has been your only interaction.

B. You've met this person at an event and met up for coffee and occasionally talk to touch base with each other.


1.      You’ve met this person one time at an event, and that has been your only interaction?

2.      You’ve met this person at an event and met up to for coffee and occasionally talk just to touch base with each other.

If you guessed B, then you’re probably right!  Most will agree that you would be more willing to quickly help someone you know and have spoken with more than once, other than someone who you don’t really know.  I’m not saying that to have a successful networking connection that you should strive to be best friends, but there should be a relationship. This is also not to say that you wouldn’t be willing to help someone you didn’t really have a relationship within your network if you could help.  The takeaway point is not to wait unto you need a network to start to build one.

I would love to hear about one of your best networking experiences…