How to find a summer internship?

Internships are usually offered throughout the year and provide a great opportunity for you to get real-world experience.  However, if you don’t want to work while taking classes the summer is the perfect time to complete an internship.  Finding the right internship is important as this is your summer, so make sure you do your research!  When deciding on the right internship, you will need to choose between paid versus unpaid among other things.  You will also be able to determine after an internship if you indeed want to stay within a particular industry or not.

So I’ve provided a few tips to help you as you look for a summer internship. 

1. Make an appointment with Career ServicesThe first stop on finding an internship should be stopping by Career Services.  A lot of companies will actually post different internships with schools career services departments, so this is an excellent place to start.  Also, if you’re unsure of what type of internship you should be applying for, making an appointment with a career counselor will help you determine where to focus your search.  You’ll also be able to review your resume with the career counselor as well as go over any interview questions you have, or if you’re short on time you can try my app “getthejob"! My app was designed specifically for the job seeker who wants to prepare for their next job or internship but just doesn’t have the time.  Also, I forgot to share the best part…. It’s FREE!

Also, my recommendation is to not wait until your junior year to start interning.  That’s one mistake I made as I didn’t take advantage of the different opportunities to intern until it was actually required for credit.

2. Does your network know you are looking?

It doesn’t matter if you’re in college or looking for your first full-time job after graduation you should always let your network know you’re looking for work.  So who makes up your network?  Your network can be friends, family, professors, etc… The more people that know you’re looking, the more you increase your chances of finding a new opportunity.  Many studies have shown that over 50% of all jobs are filled via networking. Don’t underestimate the power of networking!

3. Research opportunities online and on different job boards

For every internship I had, I actually find the jobs online and applied.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t do steps 1 and 2 but don’t forget about this step.  If there’s a specific company, you would like to intern with, check their website often and inform your career counselor as well as your network.  You can also set up job alerts on different company’s sites so you will be notified when an opportunity matches your profile.  There are a lot of websites that are specific to internships, and Career Services will be able to help with providing a list of current sites for your major or industry of choice.

So remember completing steps 1-3 is an excellent way to find and land your next internship!

Are there any additional steps you’ve used besides the 3 listed above?