What to do when you Don't get the Job...

It can be very frustrating when you have your hopes set on getting a job, and you find out that you didn’t get it. So the question is how do you handle that frustration? It’s completely normal to be disappointed with not getting the job and allowing yourself to grieve that loss.  It’s also important to remember not to take it personally. It may feel like it’s something personal against you when you don’t get the job, but it’s not. If you feel upset about not being selected and you want to send a communication to the company wait 24hours or more to process those emotions before sending an email or making any phone calls. 

The worst thing you could do is send an angry email to the company that you will later regret or maybe you won’t, but you never know how small the world is or who knows who.  You may not always get the answers you want on why you weren’t selected for the job but don’t allow that to discourage you. The best thing you can do is to continue with your job search. 

The only thing you can control in the interview process is on how you do during the interview. You want to remain professional through the entire process as that may not have been the job for you, but they may have another job there that’s a better fit!

So don’t burn bridges, instead, send a thank you note!