The importance of time management

Time is definitely something I at times struggle with managing.  I’m that person in the store staring at salad dressings trying to figure out what brand and flavor to get.  Then I have to have a talk with myself, like make a decision already and make life matter and get out of this store. Do you ever feel like you need someone to go to the store or mall with you just to make sure you make a decision?  Well don’t worry you’re not alone and I will share a few tips I’ve found to be helpful for me with time management.

One of the commons things I hear and have even said myself is that there just isn’t enough time to do A, B or C.  In reality, there is time to complete those things, but it’s about time management.  The first thing that I had to realize is that it’s ok if you don’t get everything completed on your to-do list.  The key to any checklist or to do list whether it’s for work or home is prioritizing the list by importance and finish those things first. So here’s an action item for you, make a list of how you spend your day and see where there’s wasted time and see what’s something you can put in that place.

Another tip that works for me is making a schedule and setting calendar reminders.  Calendar reminders have helped me tremendously with getting things done!  I feel like I get more stuff done when I have a schedule as if I don’t I will be working on other items that may not be important.  The good thing about making plans is that you know what will work best for your schedule and how much time you have available to allow to completing that task.  For example for job seekers who work full time during the week, maybe looking for a job every day during the week won’t work with your current schedule.  So if you don’t have time during the week, you will have to use a portion of your weekend to look and apply for jobs. 

Here’s a time-saving tip… There are some career sites where you can have your resume preloaded, and you can just easily apply right from your phone by creating an account. However, let me make sure that I say that you should have a resume specifically for that type of job. Please don’t use a general resume that you use to apply for every job.


1. Make a checklist of all your action items for the day or week

2. Plan out things on your calendar

3. Setup calendar reminders ( If using your cell phone you can set up alerts with your calendar reminders)

, Please share some time management tips that I didn’t list above as I’m always looking for ways to simplify!