How to know when it's time to find another Job...

If your vacation days are booked up before the end of the 1st quarter, it may be time to make a change. Yes, I know change can be uncomfortable and hard, but it’s something that happens whether you want it to or not. Also, if you spend most of your time fantasizing on quitting your job, it may be time to update your resume.

Let’s look at some reason why you may want to look for another job and some things you may want to consider before you leave…

No Room for Professional Growth - This is typically something you see when you work for a smaller company; with any move, there will be trade-offs so keep that in mind.

Looking for more money - Before deciding to leave have you spoken with your manager about a raise? If not then maybe try that first as remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side

I can’t stand my boss and or co-workers - Every situation is different, so you have to decide if it’s a safe environment for you. Before you leave, have you spoken with HR about the issue?

I don’t feel challenged in my role… Am I bored - Looking to take on more responsibilities? It may be worth having a conversation with your manager

The commute is too much… I’m burnt out - When you accept an offer the commute at first may be ok but the longer you stay with the company it will eventually get old and will make you resent the job. So if you don’t want to move, you may want to consider jobs that are closer to your home.

What was the turning point for you that made you realized it was time to find a new job? Or which item above can you relate to?