How to Handle Monday Blue's

Most people don’t like Monday’s, and it could be for many different reasons. Monday can be the reminder that you’re working a job you hate or maybe the other end of the spectrum where it’s a reminder that you don’t have a job.  Whatever the reason may be for not liking Monday’s there has to be a change in how you approach your week.  So here are some questions to consider:

1.      Why do you hate Mondays?

2.      How does your attitude impact the Monday you have?

3.      Is it time to change jobs?

Once you understand the reason why you hate Monday’s that’s the first step to being able to enjoy every day with the same level of excitement you have for Friday’s.  The next step is accepting personal responsibility about the attitude you approach each day with.  Each day will present itself with new obstacles and challenges, and you will have to choose to be positive or be negative.  Today you can choose to enjoy each day like its Friday or give that same energy to hate Monday’s. Personally, there were definitely times when I wished a Monday was actually a Thursday or a Friday.  So to help with setting myself up to have a great week, I would use Friday’s to prep for Monday’s.  So although there may be times when I wished the weekend was longer, I know that as my Monday starts I’m organized and ready to go.  So make a list of what overwhelms you about Monday’s and think about things you can do to make sure you approach Monday and each day as if it were a Friday! Leave a comment and let me know how you handle Monday Blue's...