Career Plan in Action...

I can’t believe it’s March already… Have you been accomplishing the goals you’ve set for the 1st quarter?

Checkpoint: Let’s finish the 1st quarter strong… what item have you not looked at yet or worked on?  There’s still time to complete the action items for the 1st quarter.

For setting goals for the 2nd quarter focus on the additional action items from the steps, you’ve completed so far. Also, remember to set goals that challenge you to move out of your comfort zone.  I know it ’s nice to stay in your comfort zone, but it won’t produce the results you want to see!  So the key to setting goals is to set goals that make you say I can’t believe I’m going to do this.  Some goals are always scary when you set them, but once you accomplish them you’ll usually say to yourself that wasn’t so bad or at least that what I say to myself!

So the first step is to revise your current plan or add new goals.

Now that the 1st quarter is almost over take time to celebrate the small victories!  For monitoring my progress on my goals, I have a weekly meeting with my mentor/accountability partner to discuss what was accomplished that week and what wasn’t.  Studies have shown that having someone to hold you accountable significantly increases your chances of achieving your goals.  So if you don’t have a mentor/accountability partner for the 2nd quarter make that an action item and see how much more you accomplish!  Ok; so you’re probably wondering how I did with my goals. So if I had to give myself a letter grade, I would say B -…. Don’t judge me…  There’s still time for me to bring it up to an A.  I shared this with you to say life happens and things happen that are unexpected that may cause delays with completing the task as quickly as you wanted.  So the goal is to adapt and adjust and keep working towards your goals 

See questions to review for the 2nd quarter to get you back on track and or to check your progress...

Do you want to change directions on picking a new role/career? Or did you find your new role?

Have you set-up your meeting with your manager yet? Or have you registered or signed up for classes?

Have you picked a Mentor/Accountability Partner?

How many new contacts have you made within the 1st quarter? 

Have you attended any networking events?

Are you setting challenging goals for the 2nd quarter? What have you learned so far from working on 1st quarter goals? If you still haven’t completed a career plan, you still have time… Are you setting challenging goals for the 2nd quarter?  How did the 1st quarter goals go?