How to recover from a BAD interview?

First impressions are everything so the reality is that sometimes you can’t recover from a bad interview. However, it all depends on the hiring manager and the position. Some Hiring Managers are very understanding when it comes to interviewers being nervous and maybe not presenting well. There are also some positions where the business may need to move fast and may have several interviews scheduled so you may not have a chance to redeem yourself. Then there are some positions where maybe there isn’t a large pool of candidates, and you will have the opportunity to redeem yourself for future opportunities.

In situations where you feel you didn’t present as well as you’d like then you can call or email the Hiring Manager to reassure them that you’re capable of doing the role, but your nerves got the best of you during the interview. By acknowledging the mistakes, you made in your interview you show you can take ownership and responsibility for your actions and a willingness to try to fix the issues. By taking ownership of how the interview went, you may increase your chances of being considered for other opportunities.

I’ve definitely had my fair share of bad interviews… The saying fake it until you make it, will not work during an interview. Preparation is everything, so the key is to do work, so you’re in a better position to get the job!

For preparing for your next interview practice, practice, practice. Practice makes perfect and will help with eliminating some of the nerves you feel when you go on an interview, and you’re not prepared to answer the questions. If you’re short on time, try my FREE app “Get the Job” to help with reviewing the interview process or sign-up for a FREE Consult for Interview Prep!

Have you ever had a bad interview?