Reasons to look for your New job during the holidays...

You’ve reached the point where you feel like enough is enough, and you’re willing to spend the holidays’ editing your resume and applying to jobs…. So the question is…Should you look now or wait until the top of the year. Many people think it best to wait until the first of the year to begin to look for a new job. However, there are a lot of companies who use the end of the year to fill positions that they won’t have the budget to fill next year and companies who are hiring in preparation for the New Year. So the takeaway is there’s no wrong time to look for a job if you’re willing to put in the work.

Here’s a couple of reasons why looking for a new job during the holidays is a good idea…

1. Less Competition

Most people stop their job search during the holidays to relax and spend time with family. So take advantage of the fact that most people won’t start to look for a new job until January! Plus the companies that are looking to hire before the end of the year will be moving quickly. So update your resume and start applying and be ready to interview! With less competition and submitting the right resume, you will increase your chances of finding a job before the New Year. It’s also the holidays, and most people are happy during the holidays! Are you ready to update your resume? If so… have you signed up for your Free Resume Checklist?

2. Holiday Parties

Planning on attending holiday parties? This is the perfect time to share with friends and family about your job search. You never know who may know of a new opportunity that may be the perfect match for you! So whether you’re attending a holiday party or volunteering don’t forget the power of networking! Don’t forget that while you’re making new connections that you don’t forget to reach out to old connections and or recruiters to send holiday cheer and say hello remember me… Ok; maybe don’t include, remember me but you get the point right?

Also, make sure you set up job alerts for different companies for positions that you may be interested in to help with managing your time searching for new opportunities. To make the most out of your holiday break plan out the days on which you will search and follow-up on jobs and have days available that you can interview. So plan, prepare and position yourself to get the job and don’t forget to enjoy the holidays!!