This is the last quarter of the year… Finish Strong!

This is the last quarter of the year… Finish Strong!

Now that we’re in the last quarter of the year are you ready to finish strong? Can you believe how fast the year went?  So maybe you didn’t accomplish the things you planned to complete in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter but you have one more quarter to finish the year strong.    There’s a saying that says it doesn’t matter how you start but how you finish.  So maybe you started each quarter out with a plan and life happened and you set those plans aside.  Let me encourage you to pick them back up, revise, and adjust and put them back in motion.   

Truth moment… I feel overall I had a great year so far!  Did I accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish?  No… but did I keep going and made adjustments with every curve ball I didn’t see coming?  Yes; I did! So I share this with you to let you know that I still have goals and plans that I’d like to accomplish in this last quarter so take this journey with me on making life matter! 

Ok; I know what you’re probably thinking.  I’m exhausted and I don’t have any energy to do or add anything else to my to-do list.  Let me remind you of a book I shared with you earlier this year called “The One Thing” by Gary Keller.  The point of the book is about learning the importance of focusing on the one thing and the importance of simplifying.  So let’s do a quick exercise: think of the things on you to-do list and then write them down based on how much time you spend completing them.  The things you want to write down can include career plans and the goals you have for this year. Now rank them by importance.  Looking at that list are you giving more energy to items that you listed as having less importance?  If so you need to reprioritize your list and focus on one thing at a time.  The goal is to not get overwhelmed trying to complete everything listed if it’s not feasible or realistic to complete by years end.  So exhale and focus on one thing! 

Let’s pause and give ourselves a round of applause for everything we’ve accomplished so far this year.   I shared this before but I honestly believe the quickest way to get disappointed about your journey to accomplishing your own goals is to look at someone else and begin to compare.  Remember you journey is your journey and you don’t know their story or the sacrifices they had to make to be at that place. 

So here’s tips to finish the year strong…

  1. Stop trying to do what you know didn’t work in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter of the year… try something new

  2. Plan to focus on just one thing!

  3. Work with your accountability partner/mentor on your career plan for the 4th quarter to have support and accountability

  4. Remember the fruit is out on the limb…Move beyond your comfort zone

  5. Make Life Matter… You’re worth it!

Let’s have a great 4th quarter…

How’s it going with completing your goals so far?